Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Proud Mama!

I am just so proud of my little girl! We attended an art show this evening where she's been taking some after school art classes. The students had to submit 2 of their pieces for the show. She has never been to an art show and she was excited to show us her finished pieces (I had seen them but her daddy had not). We arrived and were looking around when I noticed a little tag next to Emma's floral mosaic...1st place in the Youth Visual Art category!! She was so surprised and we are SO very proud! They announced the winners, read what the judges said about the winning pieces and gave the younger students a fun prize (she won a stained glass craft kit). (sorry about the blurry photo...taken on my cell phone since I didn't think to bring a camera)

After we left E. said to me "Mom, I've never won anything - I mean, I just thought I was doing it for fun". I reminded her that when we do things we love to do or create things we love to create and have fun with it, it shows. Did I mention that I'm so proud?


  1. You really should be proud.
    What a wonderful creation.
    So very applique!!!
    Andi :-)

  2. How wonderful! So true, when you do what you love doing it does show! Congratulations Emma!