Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because you can never make just one...

Since starting one oldest daughter's crochet blanket, of course I had to start one for younger daughter as well. My 9 year old will make sure I complete hers first, but honestly, this one is going much more quickly. I am a bit wiser after starting the first one and am using much looser stitches on this one. I was a little too ambitious on the first and started with my stitches too tight and they keep getting looser as I go...good thing our kids don't really care if the edges are even. I'm pretty sure it will end up as some unidentified geometric shape. I've learned my lesson and this one is much better. I'm also going to use it vertically like this and it will be more of a throw vs. bed blanket. I'll post the finished projects when I'm done!


  1. Oh wow! This is lovely. I love to crochet too, its just so ultra relaxing. Beautiful colors and work!

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  2. Lovely, you're doing well, I want to start a ripple blanket too, but it's a huge job I think!

  3. Very pretty! And my daughter has that some bedding. But sadly, no cure ripple blanket to go with it. :)