Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is my, I mean workspace...

Yes - I am working. And I realize I should be embarrassed by my workspace, but I faced my shortcomings a long time ago. I will never be able to keep a neat workspace. Let's just call it "organized chaos". And I did clean up before I shot these photos. A lot.
Anyway, I am doing my first holiday gift/craft show in November - and as usual, I'm a little behind. My plans of getting things done over the summer just didn't pan out - good thing I work better under pressure. While I usually make bags, I don't think they would be big sellers at this type of show, so I'm trying to keep my price points under $20. Thinking along the lines of quilted holiday coasters, pot holders, drawstring totes (for kiddos), crayon/pencil portfolios, luggage tags, zippered pouches, etc. I need to be careful that it doesn't end up looking like a modge podge of "stuff" though and am being selective with fabrics to try to coordinate the best I can.
If anyone has any suggestions for big sellers, let me know!

Other than that, all is sunny again in the South. The rains and floods in Atlanta were truly unbelievable. The area we live in was not one of the hard-hit areas - thank God. These are some of the folks that don't have flood insurance...could you imagine?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Favorite Things

I thought that since summer is officially over for my crew (Kara started back to preschool yesterday), and because FALL is my absolutely favorite season here, I thought I'd list some of my favorite things about the season...

cooler temps jeans and sweatshirts getting to wear my favorite clogs hiking picking apples camping crisp morning air picnics pumpkins comfort food (cooking & eating it!) changing colors fall festivals

Uh oh...I might actually have to move my sewing machine out onto the screened-in porch. Seriously! I've got to get motivated here and now that the kiddos are back in school, I'm anxious to turn my machine back on. Not only that, but my last blog post was a month ago. How do you all keep up with all that you do? And I wish I could say I'm caught up on reading all of my favorite blogs, but the truth is, I am so far behind I need to lock myself in my room with my laptop and do some serious blogging. I'll get there one day soon and maybe without having to chain myself to the computer. I honestly can't wait to read up on how everyone's summer was and see all the lovely goods you have made.