Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Oh, it's my oldest baby's birthday...she's 9 today. And that means she's definitely no longer a baby. And in today's world, while she isn't technically a "tween", she sure acts like one. We planted this gorgeous cherry tree on her 1st birthday and we snap a picture of her in it each year right around her birthday. We celebrated last night - she was thrilled she finally got the purse I'd been telling her I'd make for her and she got her first "Abercrombie" shirt...she has a 12 year old cousin who decided it was time for her to be indoctrinated. Let me be clear...I am not thrilled about this seeing that my daughter has never asked for nor indicated she even had knowledge of Abercrombie. Now that she knows the teens and tweens wear it and it's the cool thing to do, she announced this morning that "she's always wanted one of those shirts". Like I said, she's not my baby any more.

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