Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Gift

Since making my oldest daughter a purse for her birthday, she has been proudly announcing to her friends that I made it and that I could make them one too. I love that she thinks what I make is something sort of makes me chuckle - especially when I see at all of the amazing and talented folks out there who make amazing and inspiring things. I was looking at some handbags on Etsy the other night in utter awe. Emma, looking over my shoulder kept saying - "Mom, YOU do that, you can do that!". Leave it to my 9 year old to give me a boost of confidence. I love it that my girls are proud of me and it does inspire me to be more creative for their sakes. In any case, I worked on this one late last night and finished it up today. I think it came out kinda cute (it's petite, which the photo doesn't really show - 7 1/2w x 8"h (w/out straps). I did scribble down the dimensions as I cut - which means I can make another! I could see a bunch of these lined up in different summery fabrics.

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