Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Needles - Do you have a Preference?

Being fairly new to sewing, I really didn't think there was a difference in the BRAND of needles I used for my machine.  I don't have a fancy machine (Baby Lock BL40) and I typically buy the Schmetz needles.  I've been having some trouble lately with top-stitching the wallets - the seams are rather bulky and I was finding myself ripping out stitches constantly and still not being completely satisfied with the results.  I tried all different needles from denim to quilting to univeral 90/14 (really, anything that was rated to go through bulk!).  I still had the same results and  nearly convinced myself I needed a better machine.  Then, while looking for a new needle the other day in my stash, I came across a pack of Univeral BERNINA needles.  So, I pulled out the 90/14 for my top-stitching.  WOW!  No problems. No skipped stitches.  Did you hear that - NO SKIPPED STITCHES!!  You have no idea what a breakthrough this was!  I was even able to do the double top-stitch that I've been wanting to do in no time at all.  (don't look at the messed up stitches on the flap...that was me stitching around the snap...not the needle's fault!)

What about you?  Do you use a specific brand of needle that you swear by?  Do you have any needle tips you want to share?  While I will more than likely still use any old univeral needles for regular stitching, I have definitely found my new top-stitch needle.

Hope you are all having a great week!  It's a nice rainy productive day here!



  1. That's great you solved your problem! Love that! I don't have options where I live. I'm lucky if I can find any needle at all so I've never thought about it.

    My big problem is the bobbins. The ones that came with the machine are nice but when I go to buy replacements they are flimsy. I'd pay extra for good ones if I could find them. :(

    Headed to your shop now to order those key fobs I keep forgetting to order. I never did sit and count how many I need so I'll just pick a number then add on later if I need more.

  2. Dear Susan,
    Schmetz has specific Topstitch needles, 130 N; 100/16. They have a larger eye.
    I always use these for topstitching and never had a problem.
    Kind regards

  3. Thanks Kristien - I'll definitely give those a try!

  4. wonderful info for a beginner. thanks!