Sunday, October 3, 2010

They Say It's My Birthday...

Yes - indeed it is.  I do love it when my birthday falls on a weekend, don't you?  Lunch with my girlfriends on Friday got the weekend off to a great start!  Saturday brought absolutely gorgeous weather, college football, friends, beer, chili and my very favorite pumpkin gooey butter cakes (I'll post recipe later).  I wish I could say my birthday morning was great, but honestly, it started with me cleaning the kitchen from last night's college football gathering, doing a load of laundry and making breakfast for my kiddos (while hubby was still snoring).  Then little K got so upset because she was trying to wrap something for me and couldn't get it taped up right and cried and cried (and cried and cried...) and E tried to help but K didn't want HER help.  Chaos I tell you.  The dust settled after I made K laugh by doing the chubby wubby face and coaxed the girls into a brisk morning walk with Zoey.

My mom is on a girls' beach weekend and they called me this morning and sang me "happy birthday".  These ladies are the moms of my childhood and are all remarkable women, so I have to say that was fun to hear.  My girls were busy with their markers and crayons today too and surprised me with goodies like these.  Gotta love E for reminding me over and over again about how old I am!

Happy Birthday to me!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend too!

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