Monday, January 25, 2010

Sewing for Craft Hope

Craft Hope has gotten such a huge response for their Haiti Etsy shop that they had to shut down for a couple of weeks to regroup. The shop is still open for business - but crafters need to wait 2 more weeks to submit more donations for the shop. The good news is, we have a little more time to create! I've been sewing up some aprons from Paula Prass's Summer Soiree collection - who doesn't love these fabrics!?! The collection is superb and the fabrics are a blast to work with. Can't wait to sew up more of these.
On a side note, I know why I don't blog more often. Besides the fact I don't have anything really interesting to say, it's the photo thing that really bogs me down. It just seems to take me forever to get photos uploaded and edited. If I could actually take a decent photo, I might not have to upload everything to picnik - but some of us need more help than others. So for those of you out there who take amazing photos and manage to them uploaded onto your blog often - any advice?
Have a wonderful crafty week!


  1. Before you know it it will be second nature..

  2. No advice from me, I'm a terrible blogger : ) But I am very happy to see you posting!