Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Label It!

There are many posts on the internet about how to make your own labels - here's how I do mine. These are so easy to do and definitely add a more professional look to anything you sew.  Because I make handbags and wallets, I like for my labels to coordinate with my item.  I use the cotton inkjet sheets (there are satin ones as well).

  • I use Microsoft Word - go into Tools, Windows & Mailings, Envelopes & labels
  • Choose the approximate size of the finished label you want.   Note that I'm not actually printing sticky labels - I just use this function for spacing purposes only on the finished sheet.  
  • Choose your font and color, type in your text & print on the fabric sheet. Now you have sheets ready to be cut into labels.  
    I typically print 30 or so labels on one sheet in an assortment of colors.  That way, I'll more than likely have the color label I want when I need it.   Do you have items that need a larger label?  Or a teeny tiny label?  You can adjust font size to accommodate that as well.

    To apply the label, cut the label to size, peel off the paper back, use a steam a seam tape to iron the label in place.  I zig zag stitch over the label to give it a more finished look.  There you have it!  Have fun creating your own labels!


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      1. nice labels, susan. you make it look easy enough. if i ever need to label something, now i know now.

        i looked at your etsy shop. darling! i may be placing an order soon. putting all my pocket money towards a new machine at the moment, but i'll have the amount i need in a few weeks. then maybe a new pocketbook to put it in!