Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a good day

when there are no tears at the school sneak peek! I'm telling you, my stomach was a nervous wreck this morning getting ready to leave for our girls' sneak peek at school! You know, there is always that one teacher you don't want your kid to get. The grade we were concerned about has one that yells a lot and apparently slams doors (she cracked her classroom door window last year). So, the kids are terrified of her (and so are the parents!) Of course, I had to text my girlfriends (who got there before I did) to relieve me of my stress...just tell me my E. didn't get the door slammer! Fortunately, I was able to tell E. before we got in the car that she could relax because I got the text that confirmed she did not get "that one" and that is all we needed to hear. And sweet little K. got E.'s kindergarten teacher which is so awesome! K was very nervous and shy, but she will love it after a few days. So, all in all it's a good day!

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