Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is in the Air...

Amy Butler's Love that is! I wish I could say I just "whipped" this up, but in all honestly, it took me way longer than I would have liked. Aside from experimenting with interfacing combinations, those curves just kill me. I must have turned and re-turned this bag 5 times because there were these teeny tiny areas of fabric that I just couldn't catch under that darn machine! I'll blame it on the machine, yes, that sounds good. Not my complete incompetency when it comes to maneuvering around those curves. Larger seam allowance next time!

But, now that's it's done, it did turn out well. I love the size and sturdiness of this bag. I used both canvas and heavy duty sew-in interfacing and did a better job this time with the seams. However, I did just read a nifty little trick after I completed this bag and it would have come in handy (if you've been making bags for awhile, don't laugh!). I need to cut the sew-in interfacing smaller (as I would for the fusible) and sew it to the canvas before sewing the main fabric to the canvas/interfacing. duh! Seems so obvious now. That means I can continue using the sew-in if the fusible bothers me. This after I did just purchase a few yards of the heavy duty fusible. oh well. It won't go to waste. This bag is available in my lonely little etsy shop.

Hope you are having a great week!


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  1. Whew! I am exhausted just reading what you did all day! grinning here.
    I know that there are so many bags listed for sale on the blogs, and I can't believe how reasonable they are when all the work ( you know) that is put into them!
    I love this bag, and when someone asks you where you got it, you may proudly say " I made it!"