Monday, March 14, 2011

Etsians For Distaster Relief

Tickled Paisley will be donating 50% of all sales to AmeriCares Foundation for Japan's Tsunami Relief.  Donation will be made monthly through paypal.  Be sure to check out other Etsians who are also donating portions of their sales for the Tsunami Relief (you can search terms Tsunami Relief, Japan Tsunami Relief).

Please help spread the word! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Label It!

There are many posts on the internet about how to make your own labels - here's how I do mine. These are so easy to do and definitely add a more professional look to anything you sew.  Because I make handbags and wallets, I like for my labels to coordinate with my item.  I use the cotton inkjet sheets (there are satin ones as well).

  • I use Microsoft Word - go into Tools, Windows & Mailings, Envelopes & labels
  • Choose the approximate size of the finished label you want.   Note that I'm not actually printing sticky labels - I just use this function for spacing purposes only on the finished sheet.  
  • Choose your font and color, type in your text & print on the fabric sheet. Now you have sheets ready to be cut into labels.  
    I typically print 30 or so labels on one sheet in an assortment of colors.  That way, I'll more than likely have the color label I want when I need it.   Do you have items that need a larger label?  Or a teeny tiny label?  You can adjust font size to accommodate that as well.

    To apply the label, cut the label to size, peel off the paper back, use a steam a seam tape to iron the label in place.  I zig zag stitch over the label to give it a more finished look.  There you have it!  Have fun creating your own labels!


      Wednesday, February 23, 2011


      I know it's been months since I've last posted and I have been debating putting this little blog away forever, but I may just give it another try.  I find that I really don't have the time to do this blog thing properly and would much rather read all of yours.  So, while I may not post regularly, I will hopefully post enough to keep you reading.

      We are getting a tease of spring here in the south and I'm lovin' it!  We were in Orlando over the weekend and boy was it nice!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those of you in the north and the midwest that spring will get here soon for you too!    

      I've been working on some spring wallets and handbags - I am definitely gravitating towards the large florals - Kate Spain's Central Park and Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet II have been some of my favorites lately.  How about you?  What are you working with these days?  Have a great week!


      Thursday, November 11, 2010

      Lil Blue Boo Recycled T-Shirt Sienna Dress Pattern Review

      Before I tried my hand at the pattern in the last post, I thought I'd try the Recycled T-Shirt Sienna Dress by Lil Blue Boo, especially since I could chop up some of my old t-shirts and not worry I was wasting good fabric.  Let me say that as a beginner, I found the pattern to be very straight forward. The pattern includes lots of photographs which helped me immensely. I LOVE when patterns include photos.  The only thing I did not attempt was the neck line - I opted for a peasant neckline instead - which looks great and was super easy.  This was the first time I had sewn any type of top or dress so I was a little nervous about the sleeves.  But, once I saw the pattern and put everything together, it all made perfect sense.   Little K doesn't like long sleeves, so I tried to do a 3/4 length sleeve.  They ended up at kind of a weird length, i.e. elbow length (I'm to blame here, not the pattern) - they should either be a little longer or a little shorter - but it will do.  The best part, the fabric is super super soft because those shirts had been washed so many times. 

      I used 3 old t-shirts of mine - they were super thin knit and if I hadn't been in such a rush, I would have run out and gotten a ball-point needle.  I honestly have no idea what needle I used, but it worked fine.   All and all I would consider this to be a successful project and I will certainly make more.  The only downer was that my little one doesn't like it (which I had a feeling going into it because of the colors).  When I showed it to her, her reply was a simple "Nah".  Oh well.  She wasn't being too cooperative for her photo shoot - so this was the best I could do.

      If you have a little girl and haven't tried this pattern, definitely give it a go!